Can I Exercise With Contact Lenses?


If you exercise regularly or maybe just once in a while and have done so with glasses on, then you probably understand how inconvenient it could be. Sweat is everywhere, including on the frames and fog on the lens. You almost regret putting one on, and it begs to ruin your exercise experience.

For sports, except special sports glasses (prescription goggles) used in swimming and other sports like soccer, wearing glasses is not the best for playing them. This is because some sports that require contact could leave you with broken glasses amidst the play. You do not want that. So, the answer? Yes! You can exercise with a contact lens.

Wearing contact lenses while exercising makes it a whole lot different. You can freely move around with clear vision and do reps without being too self-conscious that your glasses might fall. But you may be worried that your contact lens will slide on your eyes. Let’s address that.

Will Exercise Cause My Contacts to Slide on My Eyes?

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The quick answer is this: not exactly. However, some things could make your contact lenses move in your eyes and affect your vision.

When you exercise, do you sweat? Yes. The moisture from the sweat as you exercise can cause your lenses to be displaced. However, you can move it back to its position with your finger.

Also, it will not happen regularly because contact lenses are made to fit the shape of your eye. If you find it sliding regularly, you might have a lens with an improper diameter. You should schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. They will help.

5 Reasons to Trade Your Glasses for contact lenses during exercise

If you discovered how beneficial contact lenses were, you would immediately trade your glasses for them. Here are five reasons why contact lenses are a great alternative while exercising:

No obstruction

This is pretty obvious. Unlike glasses, whose frame may interfere with other gadgets or equipment you use during physical activity, contacts do not interfere. Instead, you can put on other things comfortably.

Clear vision

Glasses impede your peripheral vision. Their frames cause an obstruction. Contact lenses, however, make you see just as your eyes normally would. This helps you have better peripheral vision.

Wider field of view

For sports that do not involve contact, like cycling, climbing, etc. it lets you see more areas and gives you more chance to focus, which is a plus for you

No fog

Contacts cannot be clouded by the sweat and fog that gathers on glasses because of the heat. So why not choose contacts over it?

Lower injury likelihood

With contacts, you do not have to worry about getting hit. You are more likely to get injured wearing glasses because the lenses are exposed.

Benefits of Contacts While Exercising

Can I Exercise With Contact Lenses?

You know why you should choose contacts over glasses for exercising, but there is still much more. Here are some of the many benefits of using contacts :

  1. It is compatible with sunglasses
  2. It does not fall while exercising
  3. It is convenient as it does not slide off the face
  4. It does not change your facial look

Contact Lenses Will Not Damage Your Eyes if Hit

If a contact lens wearer gets hit in the eye, will the contact lens damage the eye? Not exactly. The answer is not a straightforward one. However, if you are wearing soft contact lenses, the contact lenses can fold up, shift in the eyes, and get stuck in the upper eyelid.

When your lenses are stuck, you are likely to feel irritation in your eye. If not quickly taken care of, it opens you up to eye infections and swelling.

However, do not worry. You can remove it by adding eye drops and rubbing it down. However, if you find it challenging to get it out, visit an eye care professional.

Contact Lenses are Safer than Exercising with Glasses

Although you cannot use contact lenses in all sports, still in many noncontact sports, you should not be found wearing glasses. For sports involving contact, like rugby, your glasses could break and injure you and your colleague. In other cases, contact lenses are better because of comfort, which is also important.

Wearing Contact Lenses with Sports Gear

You may be playing a sport like rugby requiring you to wear a helmet; this is where contact lens is a plus. It does not cause you discomfort when you have your sports gear on. Se an eye doctor for a prescription.

Swimming with Contacts

Can I Exercise With Contact Lenses?

Do not wear contact lenses in water sports, whether a regular swimmer or a once-in-a-blue-moon one. Whether swimming pools or hot tubs, or any body of water. It is dangerous because water houses bacteria, which, if they enter your eye, put you at risk of eye infection.

For swimming, there are goggles specifically designed for your eye safety. Your sight is paramount, so see an eye care professional to prescribe one.

Use Disposable Contact Lenses

Can I Exercise With Contact Lenses?

Disposable contact lenses are those that can only be used for a day. They are not manufactured to last for more than a day. Typically, you can use them for up to sixteen hours. Contact lens wearers should learn to take regular breaks from wearing contacts; your eyes need air, too. Use eye drops if you find your eye dry despite using disposable contacts.

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