What is DIA and BC in Contact Lenses?

What is dia and bc

Spectacles with appropriate power have long been the best solution for eyesight rectification. For children, glasses often become a source of impediment during their playtimes. Many people wonder if there is any age limit for wearing contact lenses.

Modern soft contact lenses are ideal for people of age groups. When you visit an oculist to get your eyes checked, the specialists often suggest you wear contact lenses.

What is DIA and BC:

If you notice, you will find something called base curve, Bc, and diameter, dia, mentioned on the contact lens prescription. All contact lens prescriptions contain these two parameters. Dia stands for diameter and bc stands for the base curvature of the contact lens.

Base Curve Of A Contact Lens:

The base curve, BC of a contact lens is referred to the curvature of the lens’s back surface. Every eye has a unique curvature of the natural lens. The curvature of the contact lens should match the natural curvature perfectly for an appropriate fitting. Therefore, the base curve determines the type of contact lens a person with vision impairment should have. The unit of measuring base curvature is a millimetre. However, you also find flat, steep and median contact lenses based on their curvature.

The base curve value generally lies between 0.08 and 10.0 mm. However flatter and steeper varieties also remain available in the market. Regardless of the base curve value, soft contact lens are always the best choice for the eyes. High BC remains associated with flatter cornea while steeper cornea needs lenses with low base curvature.

Diameter Of A Contact Lens:

The bc and diameter, dia, of a contact lens are the two most critical factors for vision correction. Much like bc, dia is also measured in millimeters. The regular range of diameter remains within 13 and 15 mm. For gas-permeable, rigid lenses, this value can be as low as 9 mm.

What Determines Diameter of the Lens?

The diameter of the lens determines where the contact lens sits on your eye. Therefore, everyone should follow the contact lens prescription word by word to get complete comfort and clear vision wearing the contact lenses.

When you wear a contact lens with a perfect diameter, the lens will remain stable in your eyes and will not cause any irritations or discomfort. On the other hand, a contact lens with an inappropriate diameter might even slip off your eyes at any time.

How Dia And Bc Impact The Comfort Level:

When you wear a contact lens following your doctor’s contact lens prescription, make sure to wear a fitting pair. As already discussed contact lenses with misappropriate measures of dia and bc can be a source of considerable discomfort for the contact lens wearers. Be it your contact lenses or glasses, prescription-specified measures of dia and bc remain critical for complete vision correction.

Therefore, wearing lenses based on the measures mentioned in the prescription. Otherwise, you might experience discomforts like headaches, eye strain, blurred vision, etc. Both the lenses in your contact lens box should feature the same measures of dia and bc for perfect vision.

Get to know about those who cannot wear contacts. If you do not have any of those complications, contact lenses are ideal for replacing your high-power heavy glasses.

Ordering Contact Lenses With Different Dia And Bc

When you purchase contact lenses, look for the best brands in the market. With reputed brands, premium quality lenses remain guaranteed. For your eyes, you cannot compromise on quality.

Lenses with any form of a manufacturing defect, poor quality material, etc. can harm your vision severely. Contact lenses remain in close contact with your eyes. Therefore, they can cause irritation and pain if you choose one carelessly.

For flawless visual correction, you need contact lenses with the perfect diameter and base curve. You should always settle for the best online platforms or shops to order contact lenses. Additionally, never forget to carry the contact lens prescription in your pocket.

Even if you remember the power suggested by the oculist, you need the diameter and base curve for the perfect fit.

How To Read Contact Lens Prescription

Always remember that glasses prescriptions do not match a contact lens prescription. Factors like power, axis, cylinder, diameter, base curve, and lens power remain integral to every contact lens prescription. All these measures mentioned by your eye doctor make your contact lenses perfect for your eyes alone.

When you read your contact lens prescription, make sure to check all of these factors. When you buy contact lenses, make sure to match the specifications printed on the pack with the measurements mentioned in your prescription. If you find any mismatch, get the lens box changed immediately. This will help you buy without confusion and error.

Caring For Your Contact Lens

When you take ample care of the contact lenses, they remain healthy for your eyes. Contact lenses generally come with a certain lifetime. However, with proper care, you can wear contact lenses for your entire tenure. The followings are a few steps to care for your contact lens.

  • Replace the lens as suggested by the doctor in time
  • Use a cleaning solution to keep the lenses hydrated and clean
  • Get your eyes checked regularly
  • Avoid swimming and bathing while wearing the lenses

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No matter which contact lens brand you choose, always wear your contact lenses properly. Follow the guidelines for wearing contact lenses to put them on in the right manner.

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