What to do if contact lenses dry out


You have been using contact lenses for a while now and you suddenly notice an unusual dryness. A normal reaction will be panic. But do not fear. Dry contact lens is a common issue and in this article, we will explore what to do , how to do them and tips for preventing it from becoming a normal happen. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the importance of well-hydrated contact lenses

Over the years, contact lenses have become increasingly popular for correcting vision defects because they offer more convenience than the usual wearable glasses. However, some people without eye problems use it fashionably because of the color variety. Regardless of why they are used, your contact lens should not be dry. Contact lenses should be well-hydrated.

When contact lenses stay hydrated, they not only help you see clearly and correct eye conditions, but they are also comfortable and prevent unnecessary complications resulting from dry contact lenses. Dry contact lenses cause itching, irritation, and other challenges in the eyes of contact lens wearers.

Common challenges faced by contact lens wearers

Dryness: Contact lenses need to be well hydrated. This way, they are comfortable when worn. If they are not well hydrated, contact lens wearers will experience discomfort and irritation which is dangerous to healthy vision and overall eye health.

Poor vision: Dry contact lenses can give you blurred vision or even distorted vision. It can affect the contact lens wearers to see properly and disrupt their daily itinerary.

Hypersensitivity: A contact lens wearer may develop sensitivity to contact lens material and contact lens solution. An effect of this sensitivity is the redness of the eyes. This can prevent them from future use of contact lenses.

Good hygiene: Handling the contact lenses the proper way may be a little difficult for the contact lens wearer because of the compulsory routines that they must follow because they wear contacts.

How to detect dry contact lenses

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You are wearing contact lenses and you want to figure out if they are getting dry. Below are a few tests you can do.

The blink test: First, blink a few times. As you blink, pay attention to the feel of each lens in your eyes. If you feel a gritty feeling like sandpaper as they rub against your eyeball, then they are drying out. Avoid wearing contact lenses that have dried out!

The red-eye indicator: Look into a mirror. Observe your eyes. If you notice severe redness, then you are probably wearing dried out contact lenses. It is best to keep them hydrated.

The blurry vision: You might be wearing dried out contacts if you take a look around and it seems blurry and dreamy. In that case, it is time to immediately take them out and moisturize your lenses.

What causes dry contact lenses?

Contact lenses can dry up for a whole lot of reasons. When they do, there is not enough moisture to make them stay flexible We may not be able to say exactly why yours dried, we will provide some common possible causes.

  1. Environment: Any environment that sucks up moisture is not an ideal one for contacts. If you live in dry climes like the desert region, an environment with extreme heat, your contacts are inevitably going to dry up and become extremely brittle. Also, you will have dried out contact lens if you stay in an air-conditioned room for extended periods.
  2. Old contact lenses: It is also possible that your contact lenses are way past their expiration dates. Contact lenses have different duration of use and when you exceed that, they will not give the optimal experience that you imagined. So, if your lenses are old, do not re wear them, you should instead consider getting a new pair.
  3. Improper maintenance: Poor maintenance decisions can be a big cause of dry contact lenses. Deciding to regularly clean your contact storage case or to close the case tightly has a great effect on the dryness of your contact lenses.
  4. Lifestyle choices: It seems almost needless to say that lifestyle choices play a role in the health of your eyes and contacts. Decisions like leaving your contact lenses on when you go to bed, and constantly ignoring improperly cleaned contact lens case with fresh solution will cause bacteria to breed in your lenses.

Measures to maintain lens moisture and prevent future dryness

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  1. Make sure you constantly hydrate. Yes! both drinking water and adding moisture to your lenses. Drinking water helps to keep your eyes wet; quality solutions prevent dryness and make your contacts look like a fresh pair.
  2. Do not forget to constantly blink. It is the age of technological products that keep us glued without batting an eye. Intentionally blink as this helps to lubricate your eyes producing small tears and does not make the contacts dry.
  3. Hygiene is important. Wash your hands thoroughly before wearing your contact lenses. When you handle contacts with dirty hands, you risk infection from bacteria and other pollutants present on the surface of the contacts. Also, use contact lens solutions for proper disinfecting
  4. Sometimes, what you need is to take out the contact lenses for a while. Every day before bed, you can take out time to let go of the contact lenses for a few hours. Allow the lenses to breathe too.

When should you consult a professional?

Sometimes, even after taking precautions and following the preventive measures, itching, irritation, and allergic reactions like dry eyes may still persist. In that case, it is time to consult an eye doctor. If you experience contact related dry eye discomfort persistently, do not wait till it worsens. Visit an eye doctor immediately!

Professionals know their onions. So follow every instruction and prescription to the letter. This way, you stand to improve your eye health and do not risk permanent loss.

Healthy contact lens practices

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Here are some healthy contact lens practices to maintain good eye health

  1. Do not sleep wearing contacts
  2. Do not swim wearing contacts
  3. Do not dip the lenses in water
  4. Regularly disinfect the lenses with fresh contact solution
  5. When disinfecting lenses, use fresh saline solution
  6. Constantly change your dried out contact lens

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In all, dried out contacts are not healthy for your eyes. For good eye health, you must make moisturizing them a priority. That way, you can avoid discomfort, prevent irritation and avert the risk of eye infection. By following the preventive measures and healthy recommendations that we have provided, you will notice an improvement in your eye health. Your eyes deserve the best care you can give them!

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