Can I wear contact lenses for swimming and other activities?


Can you swim with contacts? Perhaps you are wondering if, since you use contact lenses in your daily routine for clear vision, it is safe for you to go swimming with them. But it isn’t. Wearing contacts in a swimming pool exposes your eyes to danger.

It doesn’t matter how clean the body of water is; it houses microorganisms and germs. Exposing your eyes to this water increases your risk of eye infections.

This post will discuss the activities you should not be doing while wearing contact lenses, the risks, and how to maintain good eye health.

Can you swim with contact lenses?

The answer is a big no! It isn’t correct. A swimming pool, hot tub, and lakes are not places you should go with your contacts on. If you go swimming, remove your contacts.

Can you swim with contact lenses while wearing goggles?

Can I wear contact lenses for swimming and other activities?

While it isn’t appropriate to use contact lenses in swimming pools, it is possible to use daily disposable contact lenses with waterproof swim goggles. This will prevent water from getting in and protect your contact lenses as you swim.

Can You Wear Contacts in the Ocean or in Fresh Water?

If you intend to go swimming in the ocean or freshwater, it is not advisable to have your contact lens on. The ocean or any kind of water houses various bacteria that get into your eyes and stick to your contacts. An example is Acanthamoeba. It is these bacteria that causes Acanthamoeba keratitis, an eye infection that eats away at the cornea of the eyes, causing corneal ulcers.

Additionally, when it comes into contact with your eyes, you feel uncomfortable. You will notice a range of eye issues, including dry eyes, redness, sensitive eyes, pink eye, and, in rare cases, permanent vision loss if not taken care of immediately by an eye doctor.

Swimming in Salt Water

It is best you keep your eyes safe. Whether tap water, rain, ocean, or freshwater, no one is good for your contacts.

Swimming in Fresh Water

Remember, safety comes first. Fresh water contains bacteria that enter your eye and destroy your cornea. It is a great risk that you should not take.

Can I Wear Contact Lenses in Swimming Pool?

Your eye safety comes first. This means it’s safer to not wear contact lenses while swimming. There are daily disposable lenses that you can easily take out and replace when you want to do fun activities like swimming.

However, if you need clear vision while swimming, there are swimming goggles you can wear in the pool. They are prescription goggles that aid your sight and give crystal clear vision if you have eye conditions like short-sightedness. They are prescribed by an eye doctor.

Can You Open Your Eyes Underwater With Contacts In?

Can I wear contact lenses for swimming and other activities?

It is not a good idea to open your eyes underwater. If you must open them, you should wear goggles. They protect your eyes from the potential danger that water could pose to them.

Wearing contact lenses underwater is not advised. You may think “What if it’s in a pool?”, that is not good either. Pool water is not healthy for your eyes even though it is treated because pool water contains chlorine, and it can affect your eyes badly.

Here’s what chlorine does to your eyes:

  1. It strips your eyes of the tear film that protects them from germs
  2. It irritates your eyes
  3. It makes your vision blurry
  4. It can cause photophobia

Is Swimming with Contacts In Safe?

It is not safe. But, you can wear tight-fitting goggles based on your eye doctor’s recommendations.

However, if you’re a regular swimmer, an eye doctor will prescribe swim goggles. This is safer and keeps your eyes healthy.

The Risks of Swimming with Contact Lenses in Your Eyes

Can I wear contact lenses for swimming and other activities?

There are lots of risks involved in swimming with contact lenses. Though, the biggest is an eye infection that could lead to laser eye surgery. It is not limited to it. You also risk dryness and general discomfort. Take them out before you swim. Please protect your eyes.

Symptoms to Look for After Swimming with Contacts In

If you swim with contact lenses in, here are some things to look out for:

  1. Dry eyes and itching
  2. Teary eyes
  3. Redness
  4. Hypersensitivity to light

How do I protect my contacts when swimming?

Can I wear contact lenses for swimming and other activities?

The safest thing is to remove them and store them in a case that has a contact lens solution. If you must wear them, use tight-fitting goggles that protect your eyes.

Are There Waterproof Contact Lenses for Swimming?

No, there are no waterproof lenses. If you must swim, use prescribed goggles instead.

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What If You Already Went Swimming With Your Contacts In?

If you already swam with your contacts in, don’t worry. Take them out fast and store them in the case. If you feel irritation, apply eye drops. Don’t forget to take them out next time.

Other Contact Lenses Wearing Questions

Can I wear contact lenses for swimming and other activities?

Can I Wear Contact Lenses to Sleep?

When you wear your contact lens to sleep, you are more vulnerable to eye infections. It prevents oxygen and moisture from reaching your eyes.

Can I Wear Contact Lenses for Sports?

Yes! Wearing a contact lens for sports is very safe. It is more comfortable than wearing glasses. Sports will require you to move your body, and contact lenses provide more comfort because they are directly on your eyes.

Still, it depends on the sport. If it’s a sport that involves water, a contact lens is not for it.

Can I Wear Contact Lenses in the Sauna?

A sauna is a steam bath or room. Though it seems safe to wear lenses in there, it isn’t. Steam will fog out your vision. Your lenses will dry out quickly and cause irritated, dry eyes. If you enjoy the sauna regularly, take out your contacts and store them well before going in there. Remember, safety first.

Can I Wear Contact Lenses in The Shower?

Wearing lenses in the shower exposes you to an eye infection. Water houses microorganisms and germs that are dangerous to your eyes.

Also, when water comes in contact with your lenses, it can cause displacement in your eyes. You don’t want this discomfort.

Can I Wear Contact Lenses, Scuba Diving?

To scuba dive, you don’t need perfect vision. Yes, you can put on contact lenses for scuba diving. But, not just any type of contact lenses. Soft contact lenses are best for scuba diving. Still, wear goggles because pressure from water increases with depth. This isn’t good for your soft lenses or eyes.

Can I Wear Contact Lenses During Sunbath?

Since it’s a dry environment, it’s okay to sunbathe while wearing contacts. There’s no risk of infection here. But, you should put on sunglasses to block UV rays from penetrating your eyes, and if it’s too hot, don’t linger because your contacts could dry up. Don’t risk irritation while enjoying the sunshine.

Can I Wear Contact Lenses at the Beach?

Wearing contact lenses or glasses at the beach is not a good idea, though it does not pose a threat to your eyes. But the beach is windy with lots of sand that can enter your eyes. You don’t want your lenses scratched. Additionally, you could be tempted to take a swim. Wearing contact lenses while swimming is dangerous for your eyes.

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