What To Look For In Contact Lenses For Computer Users

Lens for Computer User

Do you spend a good amount of time in front of the computer every day? Whether it is a working professional with a desk job or a child playing games online, the computer is something that is being used a lot today. The pandemic has more people looking at screens more than ever before. That is why thinking of contact lenses for computer users is a great idea.

For heavy computer users, the eyes can get tired and there can be discomfort experienced. Whether you are using computers for work or leisure, after a while it can seem like the eyes are too fatigued. A great solution is to use special contact lenses which will provide relief to the eyes even if you are on the computer.

Best Contact Lenses for Computer Users

Some of the best products to choose from include ACUVUE OASYS with Transition, ACUVUE OASYS 1-Day and Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde. ACUVUE OASYS with Transition is a perfect choice if you are looking if you are working in an uncomfortable lighting environment. It helps your eyes to adjust to digital screens easily due to its Light Intelligent Technology. Pick Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde, if you are looking for a dependable product with zero reflections and ultra-clear resolution.

What Does The Right Contact Lenses For Computer Users Have

Here are some of the attributes you can look for:

  • Moistness: Moistness is critical in lenses and even more so if you sit in front of a screen for a considerable part of the day. The eyes can get dry after a while and that is when such lenses can be beneficial.
  • Thinner Size: A thin and sleek design of the contact lenses is a great attribute for heavy computer users because it means that you can use them for prolonged wear. A thin design also means that the wearer will experience much less discomfort.
  • More Permeable: The eyes should be able to get the oxygen they need and that happens when the lenses are permeable.

Find the contact lenses you need:

Contact lenses without prescription

Tips To Remember For People Who Are Heavy Screen Users:

Such are the times that most people are in front of some sort of screen for a considerable part of most days. If you are one of them or someone you know is, the below tips will be helpful.

  1. Try To Reduce Screen Time: Sometimes it is not possible but sometimes it is. Reducing your screen time by even just half an hour every day can have positive effects on the quality of your vision and is highly recommended.
  2. Blink Frequently: If you are busy working on the computer, it can be a long time between blinks. But try to blink intentionally because that can bring moisture and comfort to your eyes.
  3. Try To Look Elsewhere: Of course, when you are working on the computer, you want to get the work done as soon as possible. But every few minutes or so, try to look somewhere else other than the computer. This will bring relief to your eyes and make them feel reinvigorated enough again.
  4. Reduce The Amount Of Glare: The glare of the computer or phone screen can be terrible for the eyes. And it can reduce the level of vision as well. That is why it is essential to try and reduce it as much as possible. Also, if there is a window near where you work and there is a lot of natural sunlight coming in. Make sure that the screen gets the sunlight directly and not your eyes. Reducing the glare will help.


Buying a pair of contact lenses that are meant for heavy users of computers is not difficult at all but it is always better to ask your optometrist for information about what things to look for. They will be able to guide you in finding the right pair. Also, it is a good idea to choose from a well-known brand. So, that the quality is not compromised at any point in time.

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