Hard and Soft Contact Lenses- What are The Differences?

Hard and Soft Contact Lenses

Wearing glasses all the time can be problematic. They have a lot of drawbacks. Sporty or outdoor activities make it difficult to wear spectacles. Specs are also bulky to carry around. Therefore, lenses are the modern substitute for prescription glasses. Contact lenses work exactly like spectacles. They clear your vision for near or farsightedness. Spectacle brands manufacture a range of lenses. It may be difficult for you to choose the right product if you have less experience. The first step would be to consult your eye doctor. You need to ask him if you can apply lenses to your eye. The usage divides lenses into two kinds- hard and soft contact lenses. It is tough to choose one when you don’t know how they differ. This article will tell you the difference between these two lenses.

Hard and Soft Contact Lenses:

Unlike spectacles, you should not judge lenses by their cost. Cheap lenses do not justify inferior quality or vice versa. One significant benefit of lenses is that they come in different colors. You can wear colored lenses if you desire colored eyes. They are available in colors like gray, blue, green, etc. Actors wear these colored lenses in several movies or shows.

Points of Difference

Following are the main points of difference between hard and soft contact lenses:-

1) Flexibility:

Soft contact lenses have a flexible quality. They are easier to adjust. They are comfortable and adaptive. On the other hand, hard lenses are rigid. Your eyes may take time to adjust to these lenses.

2) Fitting:

Soft lenses change shape when put in the eye. They often move off the center of the eye. Therefore, it becomes uncomfortable to wear at times. Hard contact lenses do not change their shape. It is necessary to place them correctly. Otherwise, it can cause discomfort.

3) Durability:

The durability of soft lenses is not worth it. You might have to change these lenses more often. Hard contact lenses are more durable and long-lasting. They are not as fragile as soft lenses.

4) Hydration:

Soft contacts contain water and plastic. The hydration can go up to 50-60% in these. They allow oxygen to pass through them. However, hard lenses have no water. This feature prevents them from tearing.

5) Exposure to infections:

Soft lenses increase the chances of infections. They attract unwanted substances to the eye. On the other hand, hard contacts are not that prone to infections. You have to clean them regularly.

6) Correcting errors:

The former lenses correct reflective disorders like myopia, hypermetropia. They fix astigmatism too. While the latter, hard lenses, correct every advanced visual impairment. They rectify refractive disorders as well.

7) Cost:

The more the number of lenses in a packet, the less is the cost. Soft contact lenses are relatively cheap. They come in a variety and are in demand. Hard contact lenses are not inexpensive. This property makes them less popular.

How To Choose The Correct Lenses:

Soft contact lenses are more popular than hard ones. They are easier to fit, more comfortable, and cheaper. They suit people with an active lifestyle. However, in terms of durability, hard contact lenses are better. If taken care of properly, they can last up to two years. Each type of lens offers different advantages. You may try out the Freshlook color lenses from Contactlenses4us. They are attractive and comfortable.

Choosing a particular lens is a personal preference. It depends on your usage and lifestyle. Other factors may also affect your choice. Do not compromise on cost while buying a necessity. Your lenses should suit your eyes and comfort level. Make a choice that best matches your requirements.

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