Eyes stinging from Contact Lenses – What to do?

Eyes burning

Inserting your contact lenses should be a pretty straightforward process. You wash and dry your hands, take the lenses out of their case, and put them in your eyes. However, sometimes inserting contact lenses may cause an intense burning sensation.  If your contact lenses cause a burning sensation in your eyes, something is seriously wrong. Discomfort emanating from contact lenses is usually worrisome. In many cases, a stinging sensation after wearing contact lenses may happen because of a severe eye infection i-e Eyes stinging.

Whether it is a fashion statement or a matter of convenience, many nowadays prefer using contact lenses. Contact lenses are available in a wide variety of styles which makes them highly popular. 

But with the convenience of contact lenses, comes the great responsibility of taking thorough care of them. With these things in mind, let’s take a glance at the ways to reduce the stinging sensation emanating from wearing contact lenses.  

Why do Eyes Sting after inserting Contact Lenses?

The outermost layer of the cornea is known as the epithelium. The contact lens stays in close contact with the epithelium during normal conditions. As per researchers, the epithelium contains a large number of nerve endings which makes your eyes sensitive. 

Even if you are a regular contacts lens user, you might have noticed slight discomfort after using a pair of fresh lenses. However, if you are experiencing a normal stinging sensation after inserting the contacts lenses, contact an ophthalmologist. 

But before consulting an ophthalmologist, you should be aware of the reasons which are causing discomfort in your eyes. Here are some reasons which cause a stinging sensation in your eyes after wearing contact lenses.   

Contamination of the Contact Lenses 

It is pretty possible that your contact lenses are contaminated in some way. If you are using contact lenses, then always remember to wash your hands thoroughly before touching them. It is best to use a mild soap while washing your hands. 

Ensure that you dry your hands with a lint-free towel to avoid any particles sticking to the lenses. In simple words, maintaining good hygiene before wearing contact lenses is imperative to avoid the stinging sensation. 

Your Contact Lenses are Dirty 

This is usually one of the prominent reasons for stinging after inserting contact lenses. From eyelashes to makeup flecks, there are a variety of reasons why your lens can be dirty. If you feel a stinging sensation in your eyes, take out the contact lenses immediately. 

After taking out the lens, inspect it thoroughly. If you can’t see anything amiss, rinse your contact lenses in the solution. Moreover, it is important for you to use a good-quality lens rinsing and storing solution. The lens rinsing and storing solution plays a crucial role in removing proteins and dirt from the lenses’ surface. 

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Dry Eyes can cause a Burning Sensation 

Dry eyes and contact lenses aren’t compatible with each other. If you are suffering from dry eyes syndrome, then try to avoid wearing contact lenses as much as possible. With dry eyes, symptoms like dryness and stinging might be quite familiar. 

However, wearing contact lenses with dry eyes can adversely affect your condition. Contact lenses usually absorb a great deal of ocular moisture. You should use lubricating eye drops to combat dryness in your eyes. 

If your eyes are stinging severely, here is the list of things you should do. 

  • Contact an ophthalmologist 
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses for the time being 
  • Use specialized medications 

Let’s hope that the above factors will help you understand the exact cause of the stinging sensation in your eyes. 

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Eyes stinging from Contact Lenses – What to do?


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Eyes stinging from Contact Lenses – What to do?

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Eyes stinging from Contact Lenses – What to do?

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Eyes stinging from Contact Lenses – What to do?

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