Contacts Without Prescription

Getting a perfect pair of contacts with or without prescription online is now easy with Contactlenses4us. If you have contact lenses prescription then you can place your order direct but if you want contacts without prescription, we suggest you to have a look at our guide to choose the right contact lenses for your eyes.  

Buying Contacts Without A Prescription is Super Easy!

1. Your contacts prescription has expired? Order lenses without prescription direct.

2. Make sure to double check the specifications that you have selected in the prescription column to verify your order.

3. If everything OK, fill address, make payment and confirm delivery.

When you order contacts from our website, you don't need to send us a prescription for your lenses. You are asked to enter your requirement for lenses, where you can select your most recent prescription option which your doctor has last time issued you after proper treatment of your eyes.

Not all people get ready to provide their optician's contact details that's why we never ask for such information. You can buy your contact lens from us without even letting your doctor know that you are ordering them at cheaper rates online. 

How we ship your contacts right to your door?

If you buy a pair of contacts without prescription from us, we will ship them directly to your door. As early as your order is received, you will get them delivered fast.

For more information about any of our contacts, you can browse our "Shop By Brands" section. Here, you will find the exact details of your required contact lenses.

Even if you face any difficulty, feel free to contact us or drop your queries at Our expert team is always ready for round-the-clock assistance.

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